Dynamic Valve - intelligens eszközök

  • dP tool™

    There is only one requirement to ensure the built-in differential pressure controller works as it should. That is the total differential pressure over the Dynamic ValveTM is 10 kPa. If this pressure loss is present on the valve furthest from the pump, the system is correctly commissioned. To check if the required pressure loss is present use the dP toolTM. It's a simple and unique tool that measures the available differential pressure. 

  • dP tool™

  • Előbeállító eszköz

  • Pre-setting tool

    To set the required flow through each radiator Dynamic Valve™ features a pre-setting scale. The maximum flow can easy be set by turning the green ring into the calculated pre-setting between 1 and 7. For situations where the setting is hard to read, or in situations you want to double-check the flow is set correct it is possible to use a special developed pre-setting tool for the Dynamic Valve™. It shows both the pre-setting numbers as well as the flow.

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